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Bridget Merritt


Bridget started a couple of years ago with TravelSalesGroup.  She was completely new to the travel industry and that travel bug sure bit her HARD!  She has visited Cancun, Punta Cana, Las Vegas, The Carolina Coast, and Puerto Vallarta in just the last year as a travel consultant! 

As a travel consultant, Bridget brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work at She’s The World. She is dedicated to helping women travel with confidence and independence, and she provides a range of resources and tips to help women plan their ideal trips. 

Her sweet southern nature will charm you and keep you smiling the whole time you are traveling with her.  When she is not traveling, she enjoys volunteering at her local church and spending time with her two daughters and her husband.  Bridget can’t wait to hang out with you on her next adventure!  Who is coming along?
Direct Line: 704-437-9117